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"How to Hack Instagram Account online? A question you have probably asked yourself once. there are several reasons that make u consider hack instagram online using instaleak hoax. However, it is not that simple, because there are multiple things to consider. Plus Instagram hack is very popular and everyone wants to have a noticeable presence. Today, more and more hackers, after doing similar things on Facebook, are now attacking Instagram accounts in order to replace their users. Here's all you need to know about account hacking on this social network.


It is estimated that more than 10 million Instagram accounts are hacked each year. Despite the efforts of the social network in the fight against piracy, hackers have managed to take possession of these accounts. Most often, their goal is to make a joke or a big hoax. It is estimated that 70% of hacked accounts are for this purpose. Then, some professional hackers take possession of an Instagram account to harm the competition by stealing their account on the social network. .

Finally, we have the impersonation of a user to publish inappropriate content on his/her account.

HOW Instaleak.info Hack INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT FOR YOU? | Does instaleak work ?

We are a team of 4 developers who have worked a long time on this script that allows you to hack Instagram accounts with instaleak tool, indeed the script that we have developed uses a security flaw that is present on the Instagram site and allows to recover all the passwords from the database. As you must know the passwords are encrypted before being inserted into the database, the problem we have encountered is the decryption of passwords, but with a few hours of code and perseverance we finally have managed to find this encryption key. Our method goes under the radar of Instagram, everything is done so that they don’t realize that we use this flaw. We then set the script so that it goes through a proxy list to ensure the continuity of our services.

It took us a long time before it was functional, we kept it for us for 2 months in order to carry out our tests and after designing this unique script we decided to share it with you. Know that you do not risk anything using our services and that the script works in 99% of the cases.


Today, hacking Instagram account is relatively easy with instaleak tool and there are several tools on purpose. One of the basic tools for hacking computer systems remains: the Keylogger. This is a small spyware that fits into the system memory of your device and has the ability to run at each startup. As a key recorder, it retains all the keystrokes you have made and these are subsequently sent to the Hacker Instagram.

The particularity of these Keyloggers is that they are very difficult to locate and to delete. A victim can have them in their computer for a long time without realizing it. Therefore, if you think that you are victims of this kind of malicious programs, the best would be to use the virtual keyboard when you want to hack an instagram account 2019 using instaleak/start.